Bismillah. Global Aktivne’s sweet Rawan Kasem is a member of our Youth Board!

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Rawan is Egyptian and currently living in Saudi Arabia. She loves sports so much and meeting new people. She is inspired by successful people and enjoys reading many books. Her favorite hobbies are swimming and writing. She wants to be someone who can change the world in a good way when I grow up In Shaa Allah and Global Aktivne feels she is well on her way already.

Bismillah. Farah Enany is a member of our Youth Board and is talented, genuine, and inspirational!

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Farah was born in Cairo, raised in Alexandria. She is currently living in Saudi Arabia. She’s fifteen years old and loves writing, reading, creating art, and sports. She has been swimming since she was in third grade and is currently learning how to play basketball. She believes Global Aktivne will inspire people to engage and unite together through different activities globally.

Salma Abosabie

I am Salma Abosabie. I am a fifteen-year-old Egyptian girl living in Saudi Arabia. This is my second year with Global Aktivne and my every minute in this amazing institution highly improves my skills and gives me a clearer image of the world . I have many passions including reading , writing and working out . I also love doing all sorts of art and crafts. I dream of making this world a better place and axing any unjust discrimination or sexism from this world. My favorite quote is “Each time a woman stands up for herself , without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” Maya Angelou


Sara Abosabie

Assalmu Alaykum,
I’m Sara Abosabie. I’m fifteen years old and I’m from Cairo, Egypt. I was a Youth Board member in Global Aktivne last year and Alhamdullilah I’m a Youth Board member this year as well. Being part of this amazing organization enables me to fulfill my dream of helping women globally. This makes me feel very fruitful and productive instead of inept of changing the world to a better place. My passions are working out, swimming and reading. My ultimate aim in life is to escalate the prospect of as many women as possible being indulged in sports InshaAllah.


Hello. My name is Noha and I am 17 years old. I am born and raised in Sweden with my family. I love to play basketball and hang out with my friends. I think Global Aktivne is for a really great cause because it makes it possible for women to inspire other women just by speaking your mind and embrace the power of a woman. Hopefully we will also get involved in volunteer work and that is one of many reasons why I am so exited to be a part of this.


Merima is our Youth Board media for Bosnia. She is very creative and outspoken and loves challenges. She likes to be engaged in voluntary work and being an active part of the community. She is a member of Youth Association in her hometown and as a member she had a chance to participate in various activities; collecting food supplies for those in need, organizing iftaars for the youth, trips etc. She believes everyone can make a change and contribute to the society positively. In addition, she feels every change no matter how big or small is significant for generations to come. She loves team-work and can easily get along with people. Her passion is poetry and she is also a sport lover who enjoys to engage girls and women into sport activities so they can stay healthy and fit. She says it is important especially for Muslim women who are somehow left behind when it’s about sports. She’s our go to member and finishes tasks promptly.

Bismillah. Here is our adorable and well spoken Youth Board Member, Arwa Elbahaie @arwa153i!

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Arwa is Egyptian raised in Egypt, England, and Saudi Arabia. She experienced many cultures and how sports affects these cultures. She wants to share her experiences and ideas to help empower and encourage Muslim women in Arab communities and all around the world through sports, development and peace.


Tesnim was born in Jordan. She has grown up in Bosnia and Herzegovina with her parents, twin sister, brother, and two other sisters. Since a very young age her parents encouraged her to join as many activities as she could; various courses, seminars, summer schools etc. In high school her love for photography was born and she has been working to improve her skill ever since. She has completed three photography courses and is currently finishing her fourth one. Recently, she held her first independent exhibition “to tradition trough nature.”

She volunteers in many organizations: student “hand on heart”, ferijalni savez Sarajevo, Zvekir, Hastor, high school association of Sarajevo, Hate Fighters and she is part of a teen club for a women’s organization called Nahla. Also, she has completed course for Arabic and English language.

Recently she won first place with her school team for the first aid competition. Last year she won first place at Ekopak, the smile of planet earth is in your hands. In her free time she likes to make custom watches, sketch books, reading books and drawing.

She is very happy to be a part of Global Aktivne and will be a big contributor to various programs, especially Sisters with heART.


Samira is 17 years old and is from Canada. Her passion is basketball and she has been playing since age nine. She loves this sport with all her heart and hopes to inspire other women to play inshaAllah. She is extremely talented with video editing and is still deciding what she will study in college.