Our Islamic and Educational Program is proud to announce that our two scholarship winners for 2015-2016 have been doing really well with their studies in the first semester of school! We look forward to a successful second semester as well in sha Allah.

We would like to share a testimony with you from one of the scholarship recipients:

“This new friendship has helped me both financially and morally. The people I have met through GA have helped me keep both feet on the ground, by seeing the light shining from their hearts, I have realized that the sun is not far and that it becomes warmer with each of their kind words. It may not be much for them, but for me it is an enormous relief. I am proud not only to be involved in GA, but also that I am its first scholarship recipient. I have promised to justify my scholarship and I hope that I am doing exactly that through the different activities I am involved in. School remains my priority and I will continue working on getting the best possible results to excell in what I want to do. I have started thinking about my future university education. It hurts to think about parting ways with my friends next year but the technology will allow us to stay in touch and exchange experiences. I hope the school curriculum will improve soon and that it will be more interesting and comprehendable. I hope some day I will be able to help others in sha Allah the way GA is helping with open hearts and arms.”

Our team hopes you see the value of your support!

We need your help to continue offering financial assistance in order to help ease the burden of students in sha Allah

Our goal is to raise $3,000 for two students for a full school year in Bosnia (10 months).
It costs $150 to sponsor one student for a month of studies in Bosnia.

To donate go to:


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